The history

After World War II Soviet Union experienced an urgent need for engineers to immediately restore economics, ruined by the war. That was the reason for the Council of Ministers to adopt the resolution USSA, № 797 with a decision to establish Technological Institute of construction materials in Belgorod. This decision really had grounds: in 1954 Belgorod region first appeared on the map of the USSR as a separate administrative unit. The area had large lime deposits — the best raw materials for cement industry. And Belgorod started its development extending and rising high.

As the result on September 1st , 1957 in Belgorod (which is called «the city of the first Fireworks») , a training and Consulting Centre (ECC) was established on the basis of USSR Correspondence Polytechnic Institute. This centre became a predecessor of the recent Belgorod State Technological University. A few years later ECC was transformed into Basic Technical Department of Kharkov mining University, and later into a Branch of the USSR Polytechnic Institute (UPI).

In 1970 Belgorod Technological Institute was established on the basis of UPI, containing three Departments. Long before that time, in the Eastern part of the «Kharkov Hill» a huge construction site had been started for the future university campus, where student and teachers worked so actively.

In 1979 The Institute was named after Grishmanov I. A., who was the Minister of construction materials industry of the USSR in 1960 — 1970s. In April 1994 the Institute was renamed into Belgorod State Technological Academy of building materials.

In 2002 our University successfully acquired state accreditation and in March 2003 became Belgorod State Technological University. It was named after V. G. Shoukhov practically at once. This genius of engineering was born in our region. He was called «Russian Edison» and «The first engineer Russian Imperia» when he was still alive.

His polytechnic activity expressed in genius engineerings, concerning different areas, which are urgent hundred years later.

Shoukhov memorial which are on the University square reminds about great doings of Russians and about that Russia needs talented engineers.

Rector of the University is d. t. s., professor, member of International academy of Mineral Recourses, honorary academician RAABS, Gridchin A. M.

BSTU named after V. G. Shoukhov is largest specializing Russian High Educational Establishment in industry of building material and construction area which are very importance in world educational and research place. On the territory of 35 hectares there is modern University campus well-supplied with study and laboratory buildings, pilot batch base, scientific-and-engineering library, sport complex, cultural centre, hostels, domestic building for teachers, cafeteria.

More then 55 years history the state of University is significantly raised, but basic work direction is not changes: preparing of qualified scientist and engineer in construction industry.

We are taking a legitimate pride in our graduating students: now most of them is senior stuff and directors of largest building industry facilities. Their products is in very demand.

The long way from Russia are well-known scientific schools and scientists of our university, innovation technique in building industry and construction are successfully applied at the Russian leading construction factories.

And mainly, the university doesn’t stand still, develops all the time, extended specialization list and effected development of Belgorod’s and National economic at all.

BSTU named after V. G. Shoukhov has prospective future. Its last services certificates about it