The training of the foreign specialists at the University started in 1993-1994, when the first 17 foreign students were admitted for studying. The department dealing with foreign students was organized in November 1994 for working with such students.

On the 28th of November 1997 the faculty dealing with foreign citizens and international activity was organized because of increased number of foreign students and international educational contacts as well as of further development of educational service system provided for foreign citizens, improvement of specialists training for foreign countries.

In 2003 the faculty was reorganized into the administration of international education and cooperation which includes the chair of the Russian language as the foreign one.

At present nearly 200 foreign students, post-graduate students and students of the training department from 28 countries of the world: Bolivia, Venezuela, Ghana, Guatemala, Germany, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Kenya, Colombia, Lithuania, Morocco, Mozambique, Moldova, Panama, Peru, Somalia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, the Ukraine, Chad and Ecuador and others, i.e. nearly from all the continents of the world study at the University.

Сentre for international education and cooperation offers translation services from English, French, Spanish, German and Arabic.

Сentre for international education and cooperation invites those who wish to study English, French, Spanish, German and Arabic for language courses.

The Academic, Scientific and Production Spheres of Activity

  • Making up the agreements, programs and other documents on realization the university tasks in the sphere of international contacts;
  • Cooperation with foreign partners, international organizations from abroad and in the country, the ambassadors of foreign countries dealing with organization and development of the international university contacts;
  • Coordination of activity of the university departments on fulfillment of international programs and agreements;
  • Informational provision of the teaching staff and university students with possibilities revealed by international and national funds, programs, grants;
  • Organization of foreign citizens and delegations visits, assistance in abroad business-visits and visits on academic contacts realization of the staff, post-graduate students and university students.
  • Organization the specialists' training among the foreign students together with the other dean-offices of the university;
  • The admittance of the foreign citizens in accordance with international conventions of the Russian Federation as well as with compensation basis;
  • Making up the individual agreement on study, orders on admittance, accommodation of the foreign students in the hostels;
  • Registration and passport-visa provision of the foreign students;
  • Control for the university foreign students' contingent.