Institute of Architecture and Construction is a division of Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov. The main objective of the Institute is to train civil engineers, estimators and technologists  for construction and design organizations, as well as for enterprises of construction materials industry.

The Institute consists of 10 departments, 8 of them are qualification awarding:

  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of architectural environment design and urban planning
  • Department of Building and Urban development
  • Department of Architectural Structures
  • Department of urban cadastre and engineering survey
  • Department of heat, gas supply and ventilation
  • Department of construction materials science, products and structures
  • Department of real estate assessment and management
  • Department of  strength of materials and structural mechanics
  • Department of Theoretical Mechanics

Training of foreign students started in 1993. In 1998, the first graduates were 10 students from Morocco and Bangladesh.

In 1999, specialty  290300 (INDUSTRIAL AND CIVIL ENGINEERING, in 2001 Specialty 290600 (PRROIZVODSTVO BUILDING MATERIALS, PRODUCTS AND STRUCTURES), in 2005 - specialty 290500 (heat, gas supply and ventilation) received international accreditation by the Institute of Civil Engineers in UK.  A graduation diploma in these fields are internationally recognized in 140 countries, these engineers have the first fellowship level at the Institute.

The Institute has highly qualified academic staff and experienced scientific and research personnel. Out of 160 faculty members, more than 80 are professors and associate professors, doctors and candidates of sciences. This number is one of the highest at the university.

Well-known scientists are working at the Institute:  correspondent member of Russian Academy of Building Sciences, academician of International Academy of Mineral Resources, professor V.S. Lesovik, correspondent member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, prof. V.A. Minko, academician of International Academy of Mineral Resources, professor S.M. Rakhimbayev; prof. A.G. Yuriev, prof. O.M. Donchenko and others. Scientific school of scientists known not only in Russia but also in foreign countries.

The main tasks of the team are: training highly skilled engineers, bachelors and scientists, active participation  in methodological and educational work and further development of material and technical base of the Institute. 


  • Architecture
  • Design of architectural environment
  • Municipal engineering
  • Construction (specialization areas)
    - Industrial and civil engineering
    - Urban development and municipal management
    - Real estate assessment and management
    - Informational and construction management
    - Building design
    - Manufacture of building structures
    - Water supply and water disposal
    - Heat, gas supply and ventilation
    - Nanosystems in construction materials science
    - Automobile roads and aerodromes
  • Construction of unique buildings and structures
  • Land management and cadastres
  • Geodetics and distant exploration
  • Material science and materials technology

Main research areas:

  • resource-and energy-saving technologies in buildings construction and maintenance;
  • studying the resistance of concrete, reinforced concrete and masonry, development of technologies of manufacture of concrete and stone;
  • new design and technological solutions in foundation engineering and underground construction;
  • research, development and introduction of new design solutions for building covering;
  • deformation and fracture resistance of reinforced concrete slabs and thin-walled spatial structures;
  • variational formulation of problems of structural synthesis of building structures;
  • development of methodological foundations for design and producing efficient building materials with the account of raw materials genesis and stability of "man - material -habitat" system;
  • development of production technology of composite binders and dry building mixes based on them;
  • wastewater treatment and disinfection from municipal utilities and agriculture with vacuum ejection method;
  • development of high-performance equipment for preparing and purification of natural gas in systems of production, transportation and gas distribution;

Department of the Institute have state-of-art laboratory facilities, equipped with modern test equipment and measuring instruments.

A research laboratory "Survey, strengthening and reconstruction of buildings and structures" is functioning at the When the Department of Construction and Urban Development is working (head - prof . O.M.Donchenko).

A student design bureau for designing buildings and structures was established at the Department of Architectural design.

Department of Construction Materials, products and structures and the section of NanoSystems have a complex of specialized laboratories, including: "Laboratory for high-strength concrete", "Laboratory of dry building mixes", "Research Laboratory synthesis and study of nanosystems”. IR spectroscopy and dispersive analysis, "Teaching and research laboratory composite" materials, experimental and industrial site "Nanosystems in building materials", "Laboratory durability of composite materials", "Laboratory hydrothermal synthesis" and Experimental-industrial workshop "Nanostructured composite materials".