Training of economists has been conducted at the University since 1972, when the Department of Economics and management in the construction industry was established. In 1993 the Faculty of Engineering and Economics was founded, later reorganized into a Faculty of Economics and Management. In 2004, the Department was reorganized into the Institute of Economics and Management (IEM). The Institute comprises 10 departments, 7 of them are qualification awarding.

Currently, the institute has trained over 1,500 students, including more than 1,000 people on a self- paid basis, over 15, having personal scholarship, since 1994 IEM students are regularly awarded with President’s scholarships. About half of the graduates receive a diploma with honors.

The institute has more than 180 faculty members, including 29 professors, doctors, 85 associate professors, candidates of sciences. Notably, many of them are former students of our institute which provides continuity in the educational process and scientific research.

Since 1997, the Institute incorporates a PhD dissertation council on specialty 08.00.05 – «Economy and management of a national economy». Over 80 people are pursuing a PhD degree.

The Institute offers programs of additional professional education «Translator in professional communication area».


  • 38.05.01 «Economic security»

Bachelor courses:

  • 38.03.01 «Economics» (minors-«Company economy», «Finance and crediting», «Accounting, analysis and audit», «World economy»);
  • 38.03.02 «Management» (minors «Strategic management», «Marketing»);
  • 38.03.03 «Personnel management» (minor «Company personnel management»).

Master courses:

  • 38.06.01«Economics»; «Management»; «Finance and crediting»; «Personnel management».

Research areas:

  • Scientific and methodological bases of integrated assessment and management mechanism of regional economic potential of the sector local entities;
  • Scientific and methodological framework for the assessment and managing mechanism for innovation;
  • Scientific and methodological framework for the assessment and management of business value of an industrial company;
  • The concept and theory of economic security formation for a region, businesses and an individual;
  • Theory and methodology of formation of ecological and economic approach to integrated use of mineral deposits;
  • Theory and methodology of formation and evaluation of investment attractiveness of a region, industry and an enterprise;
  • Economic-mathematical modeling for the development of industries and enterprises in a dynamic environment for solutions;
  • Theoretical approaches to the justification of the effective use of the economic potential of natural monopolies in the development of industrial production.

Qualification awarding departments:

  • Department of economics and production management (department head зав.кафедрой д.э.н., проф. А.А. Rudichev, tel.(4722)309901 ext.1485;
  • Department of financial management (department head - doctor of economic sciences, prof., S.М. Bukhonova, (4722)309901 ext.1438;
  • Department of accounting and auditing (department head doctor of economic sciences, prof., I.А. Slabinskaya, tel. (4722)549610;
  • Department of management and foreign economic activity (department head - doctor of economic sciences, prof. S.V. Kuptiyanov, tel. (4722)309901 ext.1456;
  • Department of strategic management (department head - doctor of economic sciences, prof. Y.А. Doroshenko, tel. (4722)309901ext.1492;
  • Department of marketing (department head - doctor of economic sciences, prof. Е.D. Shetinina, tel. (4722)309901ext.1771;
  • Department of sociology and management (department head – candidate of sociology, prof. V.Sh. Guzairov, tel. (4722)559956;

General education departments:

  • Department of theory and methodology of science (department head doctor of economic sciences, prof. Е.N.Chizhova, tel. (4722)309901ext.1447;
  • Department of higher mathematics (department head candidate of technical sciences, prof. А.S.Gorlov, tel. (4722)309901ext.16-32;
  • Department of foreign languages (department head, candidate of philology, assistant professor - Т.V. Besedina, tel. (4722)309901ext.1402.


The institute is located in a modern academic building with 2 lecture halls, classrooms for practical, laboratory classes and seminars.

All the departments are equipped with the necessary amount of computer and multimedia equipment, Internet and Wi-Fi access.

Institute of economics and management is:

  • Up-to-date economic education on state-funded budget and self-payment basis , taking into account state educational standards.
  • More than 40 years of successful work in the field of professional economic education.
  • Powerful potential of professors and academic staff.
  • Demand and high competitiveness in the labor market.
  • High career achievements of graduates.

IEM graduates are in demand at government bodies at the federal, regional level, in banks, insurance companies and investment funds, in other financial institutions, enterprises and organizations of various sectors of the economy.

Our graduates are future leaders of enterprises, departments, marketing services, planning, economic analysis, foreign economic activity, they are taking positions in commercial banks, insurance companies, audit, real estate and consulting firms, they are qualified chief accountants in firms in various sectors.