Preparatory faculty for foreign students

The information for those foreign citizens, who wants to study at

Belgorod Shukhov state technological university

If you want to get education and become a qualified expert, (BSTU) will help to realize your dream. BSTU is one of the largest technological high schools of Russia due to the number of specialities, quality of education, material base of institutes, faculties and laboratories. More than 22.000 students, including foreign citizens from 50 foreign countries, are being trained at BSTU.

Preparatory course is the major and responsible stage for the future expert who has arrived to Russia from abroad. The course is offered by Preparatory faculty for foreign students. The given period for the future experts is a first step both in the sphere of adaptation to the new language environment, and in the sphere of preparation for studying basic subjects of higher education.

You can study a preparatory course at the Preparatory faculty for foreign students.

Preliminary training course is conducted on four areas:


Purpose of the program

Content of the program

Further training

Preparatory course for further training at a Russian university for applicants having complete secondary education or a bachelor’s degree

Engineering: Russian, mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, sports

Engineering specialities

Economics: Russian, mathematics, physics, computer science, economi

economics,management, marketing

Medicine and biology -  Russian, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology 

Arts: Russian language, literature, geography, study of countries

medicine, pharmacology

Philology, law

  • Duration of course - 1 academic year (from September till July).

The classes start on the first of September. Foreign citizens are admitted from 1st of September till 31st December. Groups start work upon completion of the admission process.

On January students are enrolled for study in groups with 1,5 year training period: 20 - 25 weeks –tuition period + 4 week vacation + 38 weeks of tuition.

  • Time of the classes - day time.

The classes usually start at 8:15 and last till 14:20. Lunch break - from 11:45 till 12:35. The campus area has catering facilities: cafes and canteens, where you can have a meal. The hostel is located 5 minutes walk from the academic building.

  • Number of class periods a week: 36 class periods. A class lasts 45 minutes.
  • Number of students in group: from 6 up to 10. Groups are formed in process of students arrival . Students of different nationalities are trained in the same group.
  • Each student group has a tutor. The tutor will help you to adapt to new conditions of life and study, will take you on a tour of the campus and the  city.
  • Free time: Academic year at preparatory faculty is not limited by the study process only. Students visit museums, exhibitions, memorable places of Belgorod and Belgorod region. The faculty arranges theme parties and competitions, concerts and exhibitions.

If you like sports, at leisure time you can be engaged in sports clubs and take part in various sports competitions.

  • The final document - the certificate.

After completing the course at the preparatory faculty the students take examinations. Having successfully passed the final examinations students obtain a certificate of completion indicating the examination results. On the basis of this document you are enrolled on the chosen faculty to proceed with  bachelor / master degree course.

If you already have a master's degree and want to receive an academic status, you can be admitted for a postgraduate course.

You may study a wide range of specialties at our university.

  • Accommodation: in a hostel of section type, in double rooms. The section has a kitchen and other municipal conveniences.  10 to 12 people live in one section. Linen is provided by the hostel.

The hostel has a grocery shop, a dining room, a sport hall, footwear repair. The hostel is located 5 minute walk from the academic building in campus area.

If you have decided to study at our university - You should obtain an invitation for study.

Please, send a copy of your passport and a document  supporting a secondary education level toapprove your education level on the following address (preferably via e-mail or fax)

To start your training in time, it is desirable to send documents in April or May. If you have not received the document of secondary education by this time, you can send it later. The invitation will be sent by the university after getting your document of secondary education.

You will receive the information letter, if your documents have been selected by competition. Complete the required forms and send them to university.

The invitation will be ready in a month after getting your documents. The invitation will be sent to you by mail. To speed up the process you can use DHL services (for additional fee).

Having received the invitation, you can start getting an entry visa to Russia.

If you inform us of the date and arrival time to Russia, the representative of our university will meet you at Moscow airport and will escort you to Belgorod. The trip from Moscow to Belgorod by train will take 10 hours. Travel expenses from Moscow to Belgorod are approximately 150 $.

Leaving for study to Russia do not forget the following documents:

  • invitation
  • document of secondary education + a certificate of bachelor degree for those who applies for master degree course
  • medical certificate
  • amount of money to pay the tution fees and other expenses