The institute trains specialist without whom the life of modern society is hard to imagine, as a well developed and reliable transportation network accounts for an economic status of any country.

Specialist training for transportation and road complex has started since 1993. With the increase of the number of students an automobile road faculty had been established in 2004, later reorganized into automobile road institute which is now transportation technology institute.

Currently the institute offers the following courses:

  • «Land transportation technology vehicles» minors:  "Hoist transport, building, road vehicles and equipment" и "Technical means for nature management and protection in emergency situations";
  • «Construction of railroads, bridges and transportation tunnels»;

 Bachelor programs:

  • 23.03.01 «Transportation processes technology» minors: "Traffic management and road safety" and "Investigation and assessment of road accidents". 
  • «Land transportation and technological facilities» minors  – "Hoist transport, construction, road machines and equipment" and "Machines and equipment for land management and environmental protection";
  • «Maintenance of transportation technology machines and units» minors: "Motor vehicle maintenance" и "Maintenance of transportation technology machines and equipment (Construction, road and municipal machines)     
  • «Construction» minor «Automobile roads and aerodromes».

Areas of research activity:

  • Large-scale use of anisotropic rocks in road construction
  • Improving the quality of asphalt and cement concrete from technogenic raw  materials from Kursk Magnetic Anomaly
  • Integrated use of KMA wastes to improve road performance properties
  • Development of traffic management automated systems
  • Increased level of multi-purpose passive safety glazing
  • Automated systems for traffic management
  • Technologies and equipment for safe car glass making
  • Optimization of process parameters of mix formation and mixing machines for making composite materials
  • Development and optimization of structural and technological parameters of construction and road machines based on rheological properties of recyclable materials
  • Optimization of crushing processes of materials with the development of energy-saving grinding units
  • Development of methodological bases for the formation of an adaptation mechanism of industrial enterprises in a changing market environment
  • Development of safety concept for road building and municipal machines throughout their life cycle in accordance with specific technical regulations
  • Development and study of machinery and equipment for processing heterogeneous environments
  • Energy-saving grinding machines for fine and superfine grinding materials
  • Technological units for molded materials making
  • Multi- process systems and modules for production of thermal insulating materials and products
  • Mechanical systems with energy recovery.


The Institute has highly qualified academic staff with extensive experience in production and research. The institute masters new research trends, innovative forms of students training, improved laboratory facilities, teaching methods, at the same time developing sports, cultural and educational work. The Institute has powerful modern teaching and research facilities, computer labs, teaching and research laboratories, allowing to train highly qualified, competitive engineers, bachelors, masters. Classes are held at a training site, incorporating a childrens’ training ground, artificial road structures, a part of acting railway track, etc. There is a road mobile laboratory with software which allows to determine necessary technical and operational road parameters.


The available technology park and research and industrial laboratories, close links with industry allow to train students using industrial and pilot production equipment in real production conditions.