About our Library

“The sense of life is studies, but the realization of the sense is only at a such good library”

26.11.2003. G. I. Alpherov, the laureate of Nobel prize 2000.

The scientific technologic library of BSTU named after V. G. Shukhov is a modern center of information servicing of educational and scientific processes, spiritual and individual communication, with a huge book fund, developed bibliography and information services, good customs and comfortable conditions for work.

At present time the fund of our library amounts over 1 million 500 thousand publications.

The library makes up the literature in industrial, civil and highway engineering, architecture, building materials production, technological processing automation, economy and management, bookkeeping, etc.; it receives more than 500 domestic and foreign periodicals.

STL has been actively using new informational technologies to raise operative and qualitative services of readers since 1993, keeping electronic catalogue, making up the fund of electronic resources (books on untraditional mediums), carrying out electronic delivery of documents, organizing the subscription to electronic scientific information.

The library keeps a consolidated electronic systematic card index of the most called topics.

Since March, 2004, there has been a virtual reading-room, that makes the access to electronic data base of theses of the Russian State Library easier.

In this connection it is necessary to open a new special room and to extend the quantity of computers.

Since 2005, Scientific Technological Library of BSTU named after V. G. Shukhov has been taking part in forming a common information field of libraries of Belgorod region.

There is a room of electronic resources in the library, fitted with modern computer equipment. Here you can get access to the electronic library of the university, all funds of any library of our country and Internet.

On the base of the software «Irbis 64» it is automated technological processes as book acquisition, registration and processing of documents as servicing processes.

The prospects of our library becomes clearly defined by the plan of STL developing in 2008-2010, established by the Rector. The main tasks are:

  • to raise operative book acquisition, high level of demand satisfaction;

  • to introduce new technologies of complex automation ;

  • to master the most effective innovative directions of information library activity;

  • to increase the fund of electronic resources;

  • to raise the background of the staff.

At present time the head of our library is Nadezhda Tikhonovna Chuprina, the candidate of pedagogic science, Honoured Cultural Worker of Russia, the member of International Academy of Information affiliated to UN, the department of «Library».

Historical information.

1957 — The library was founded on the basis of UKP VSISI

1970 — the library of Belgorod Technological Institute of Building Materials; the following departments were organized:

  • the department of book acquisition and scientific processing

  • the information bibliographic department

1975 — the following departments were organized:

  • the all-round reading-room with a free access to the book fund

  • the book depository

1986 — first the automated programs «The Inventory» and «the Subscription to Periodicals» were introduced

1987 — the library was firmly established by the regional methodical center of libraries of higher educational institutions and secondary schools

1993 — by the order of the Committee of Higher School of 25th January, 1993, the library was conferred to the Ist group of labour payment for excellent performance

1993 — the beginning of electronic catalogue formation

1995 — moving of the library into a new specially intended building; the optimal structure of book fund location and library departments was worked out with the use of automation means

2000 — the computer network was made of 10 PCs; the computer room was opened with the access to Internet; the network automated program " Liber Media" was introduced

2000 — the administration of Belgorod presented to the library the chandelier, executed in accordance with individual project by the plant «Belenergomash»

2003 — the new reading-room was organized

2004 — the virtual reading-room of the Russian State Library was opened; the access to electronic resources of the Central Library of educational resources of RF Ministry of Education was placed at library’s disposal; the electronic search systems «Codex», «Consultant Plus», «StroyConsultant» were bought

2005 — the material technical base of the library was consolidated: the computer network consisted of 35 PCs, modern equipment operated; the fund of electronic resources amounted 197 816 units

2007 — the introduction of technologies of bar coding and giving out of literature was started; the fund of publications on traditional and electronic mediums exceeded 1 million copies; the quantity of PC risen up to 65.

2007 — the reorganization of the service department. Three departments were developed: the department of educational publications servicing, the department of scientific publications servicing, the department of humane publications servicing.

2008 — the sector of photo documents was founded.

2009 — The room of electronic resources was founded.

Library Structure

The department of library fund book acquisition

The head of department: Borodatova Lubov Alexandrovna
The department of literature scientific processing

The head of department: Nazarenko Аnna Grigoryevna
The department of library fund depository

The head of department: Ovsepyan Irina Vladimirovna
The department of scientific publications servicing

The head of department: Kasishcheva Nataliya Alekseevna
The department of educational publications servicing

The head of department: Fedorenko Larisa Anatolyevna
The department of humane publications servicing

The head of department: Lesovaya Svetlana Vladimirovna
the information bibliographic department

The head of department: Borisova Svetlana Vitalyevna
The scientific methodical department

The head of department: Lavrinenko Valentina Pavlovna
The department of library processes automation

The head of department: Voronkova Ekaterina Alekseevna

Working hours

Working hours of reading-rooms and interlibrary exchange:

Monday — Friday: from 9-00 till 18-00 without interruption

Saturday: from 10-00 till 17-00 without interruption

Day off: Sunday

The interlibrary exchange of fiction:

Monday — Thursday: from 11-00 till 19-00 without interruption

Friday: from 11-00 till 18-00 without interruption

Day off: Saturday, Sunday

The cleanup day is the last day of each month