Physical education is a part of social culture. Therefore, physical education and sport in BSTU named after V. G. Shoukhov is not only way to national health, but also an important component in training a modern and skilled specialist, who is in demand in the labor market.

The University Sport Complex serves forming, saving and keeping student’s health offering the following facilities:

  • two multi-purpose sports halls,
  • stadium,
  • multi-sport playing fields,
  • tennis courts,
  • shooting gallery.

35 sports sections and fitness groups train about 1500 day-time students. During the vacation period youth camp «Technolog» offers wide range of the recreational activity for students (location — in the suburbs of the town of Borisovka).

Students are keen on shooting, chess, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, kickboxing, tennis, aerobics, fitness, arm wrestling etc.
Basketball and mini-football clubs are available for foreign students.

BSTU named after V. G. Shoukhov boasts itself for sports achievements: 3 Masters of Sport (International level), 30 Masters of Sport of Russian Federation .

University teams successfully take part in such prestige competitions as region student games, national championships.

University administration provides sufficient funding for University sport activities.

Much attention is paid to all-Russian competitions, taking place in our University. All Russian sportsmen and university sport teams take part in them. Each team has their own supporters. «Sport for everybody» is catchword of competitions. We have strong sport relationships with Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian Higher Educational Institutions.